Livia Mendez

Livia Méndez plays the role of the heroine “Juana de América” in the forceful theater piece Destino: Libertad, which ended its first successful season at the National Theater of Caracas, sharing the stage with Francis Rueda and Aura Rivas, in a production of the National Theater Company (CNT).

Livia, apart from the tables, loves to read in the spare time that the daily chore gives her. The first book he cited was The Little Prince, by the French Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, “because it talks about love, about life.

It is very beautiful and is aimed at the whole of humanity ”. She did not stop naming Casas Muertas, by Miguel Otero Silva, for Venezuela, "because it reflects us with a fictional story, what we are as a people, as a nation."

Fuenteovejuna by the Spaniard Lope de Vega is another of her favorites, “since it also reflects the struggles of women and, above all, of the united people. It is the strength of the people who do not give up ”.

And she recommended “especially the Venezuelan theater, because we have a lot and very good, but unknown. We have many sainetes by Rafael Guinand that reflects us as Venezuelans. or a Leoncio Martínez. And we have authors from all ages. And the also Latin American of all time, which we must know as a general culture and to get closer to the world of theatre"



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