Gregorio Magdaleno

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Gregorio Magdaleno is a director, actor, writer, screenwriter, researcher in the arts and teacher specialized in theater.
He recently directed the interesting piece of collective creation Esperando a Phil Collins, which was successfully presented at the Anna Julia Rojas Laboratory in Caracas.

Magdaleno did not hesitate to say that his “only” bedside book is the Bible, “because I really have it on my nightstand (laughs). I don't know if I recommend it, because it is so personal. However, I always read it. It is so big that there are always corners to discover. In these days I discovered one that I had forgotten, where an incest with the story of Lot is presented, in which his two daughters sleep with him in order to have children. I was curious that the Bible presents this kind of situation. It's like reading Capital, you always find something different every time you reread it ”.

Then he went down the path of the tables when quoting Towards a Poor Theater by Jerzy Grotowski; the theatrical anthology by Eugenio Barba; The unknown theater by Juan Carlos De Petre: “I am rereading for work Francisco de Quevedo's The History of the Buscón. Rilke's poetry I always read it, because it seems wonderful to me; and I am rereading the essay Apuntes de San Juan de la Cruz and the mystique of Rafael Cadenas. It is very brief but very extensive and striking in what it poses ”.



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