Gerry weil

Gerry Weil is a living reference to jazz in Venezuela, who recently remastered an album he composed half a century ago: The message, and is currently in the top ten of the London hit parade.

When asked what he reads during the time he is not writing or rehearsing, he did not hesitate to point to Herman Hesse's Siddhartha, “a short and simple novel but one that comes from the scope of his philosophy. It is the life of a Buddha in his search for the way ”. Of that author he recalled The Bead Game: "It is the longest and most complex in his work, but it leaves you very great lessons."

Then he quoted Miles Davis's Autobiography: “Fuck! I'm a jazz player and he talks about everything we jazz players experience. It is an introspection that identifies you if you are a musician or music lover. Davis was always ahead of his time, especially when it came to electronic effects. He was a bold guy. "

He also has at hand the Critique of Pure Music by the German Oscar Adler, "in which he talks about the traditional fundamental concepts of musical theory, technique and philosophy, among other topics."

“And one little known, but one that caught me from the beginning was Life and Adventures of Alexis Zorba by Nikos Kazantzakis. Of course, the theme for the film Zorba the Greek, by Mikis Theodorakis, is impeccable (laughs) ”.



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