Christopher Alva

Within the scope of national letters, Cristóbal Alva, who is a social communicator and university teacher, stands out for being the founder and promoter of the Front of Literary Creation Of fi cio Puro, a poetic-musical meeting space that has been in session at the Celarg Foundation since 2012.

Author of songs and poems, he has been active in culture since the 1970s and these were the ones he chose as his five essentials.

In the first place, he recommends Los detectives savages, by the Chilean rooted in Mexico, Roberto Bolaño. “It accompanies me regularly and I usually read it every December. It brings me together with poetry, Mexicanness, which is part of my blood, and through language games. It raises my spirits.

Bolaño filled a kind of void left by Cortázar. They are both gone ”, he reflects. It continues with Amanecí de bala and the complete works of "Chino" Víctor Valera Mora, for his "commitment and struggle."

He continues with I Ching, the book of mutations, which he considers "a reference book that allows us to analyze variables in human contingencies", and ensures that he usually reads the complete cycle of The Foundation, by Isaac Asimov. Prelude to the Foundation, Towards the Foundation, Foundation, Foundation and Empire, The Second Foundation, and Foundation and Earth. It culminates with The Magician's Childhood, by Hermann Hesse, for being "the key to returning to childhood."



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