Camila Rodriguez

Blue Label was made into a movie.

Despite her young age, this millennium has had an interesting career on the boards. She won the IV Festival of Young Directors in 2019 with Kidney of pig for grief. Now she is preparing to present the piece Untitled, which brings together three short works by Ionesco and Beckett.

She has read almost everything a little: “The first one I recommend is Blue Label / Blue Label by Eduardo Sánchez Rugeles. It is one of those authors who goes through life with a flashlight trapping you. Literally, I have never felt so discovered ”.

Then “The crushes of Javier Marías. It is resounding. What the heart tries to hide when it is in love. This book is full of mystery, love, entanglement and frustration ”.

Another is Tokyo Blues by Haruki Murakami: “My fascination with Asia is impressive. I foolishly imagined that all the people on that side of the world were happy, but this is one of the books that has made me cry the most. It is a very beautiful novel, full of emotions and very sad ”.

She does not hesitate to quote Pedro Páramo by Juan Rulfo: "In a week I read it four times My respects to Borges but Rulfo moved the floor and the whole world".

As a theater, she stressed that any play, poem, notes "or shopping list (laughs) written by William Shakespeare should be read."



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