Valeria Lopez

Valeria López began her pilgrimage in music from the age of eight. First with the recorder, then in 2019 she graduated in clarinet from the José Ángel Lamas School. She studies saxophone, but she has also played in various orchestras such as Andy Durán's and is now in the Big Band Banana.

Daughter of our colleague Manuel López, she also inherited her father's reading streak.

"Without naming music and geochemistry, which are the careers I study (laughs), as a hobby I recommend Flowers in the Attic of Virginia Cleo Andrews. She is a writer who from a young age was in a wheelchair and achieved a very interesting saga based on her experiences ”, she released without hesitation.

“I also recommend the Trojan Horse series by the Spanish JJ Benítez, although I haven't read it in full yet. However, the fanciful approach of some historical passages captivates ”.

“A biography that I read was that of Gabriel García Márquez by the English Gerald Martin. It was authorized by the Colombian himself and it is very complete to understand details of his work ”, Valeria quoted. Del "Gabo" loved Love in Times of Cholera; the one known to the whole world: One Hundred Years of Solitude; and the tales of The incredible and sad story of the candid Eréndida and her heartless grandmother. I like them because each one has its own style and they represent the author's eras ”.



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