Carlos Azpúrua

The teacher and president of the National Autonomous Center of Cinematography (Cnac) Carlos Azpúrua offers his five bedside books.

The first is El Libertador by Augusto Mijares, “from our extraordinary Simón Bolívar. Proud of him for our sovereignty, freedom and love for the country ”.

Revolution and democracy in Gramsci by Eric Hobsbawm is his second book, as it is about “analysis and essays on Gramscian writings and, above all, one for the concept of the organic intellectual, committed to revolutionary change processes in terms of reflection, ideas and participation politics".

The third text is The little book of time by Scott Shaw: "you are evaluating what time is in love, in emotions, in life, in emotional balance, what the here and now implies."

Of course, the Cinema Law is your bedside book to interpret it and achieve better management in the national cinematography. "Advancing to the third reform."

The most significant is Revenge of the earth by James Lovelock, “a heartbreaking analysis of what the world faces in terms of environmental wear and tear due to the irrational use of the earth's resources. It leads us to reflection and gives a deep warning of the irrational capitalist model from the environmental point of view ”.



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