Pedro Ibanez

The journalist and president of the Venezuelan News Agency (AVN), Pedro Ibáñez, has worked throughout his career in the world of letters, speech and culture. Avid reader and writer, share here five books that he treasures.

From his youth readings, he saves the life stories of various characters that Carlos Noguera makes in Games under the moon where "you understand the transition from youth to maturity, the natural changes in life in which the value of friendship stands out."

That chronology of life continues it in the most advanced maturity that exposes Sostiene Pereira by Antonio Tabucchi, "there is no age to become aware of the missions that one can have in life, to go from an existential lethargy to action, an earthly spiritual change".

As a companion of his stage of excesses, bohemia and letters, he remembers Wild detectives by Roberto Bolaños, “the search for a character and the creative and experiential search that will allow you to write”.

To understand the stages and perceptions of the other, he goes to the study of mental pathologies carried out by Oliver Sacks in The man who mistook his wife for a hat. While the history of mankind sees it exposed in the repeating patterns that Isaac Asimov shows, in science fiction, Foundation.



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