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Great human wave filled the streets of Aguasay in support of Maduro

This Friday, June 7, they will mobilize in the Caripe municipality

This Wednesday, June 5, the people of Aguasay mobilized in the afternoon with banners, whistles, balloons, and great excitement to support President Nicolás Maduro and demonstrate that Monagas is taking to the streets to repudiate the United States sanctions.

From the Luis Wicho Romero Stadium, the Aguasayeros rejected the coercive measures coming from the White House and that directly affect the country's economy and the sanctions imposed by the North American empire.

The people, accompanied by the governor of this eastern entity, Ernesto Luna, together with Nicolás Ernesto Maduro Guerra, national vice president of religious affairs of the PSUV, regional and national leaders of the red awning, and the great patriotic pole, recognized out loud that Nicolás Maduro wins this July 28.

Meanwhile, Maduro Guerra highlighted in his speech that Monagas is a heroic and Chavista state and that in the 53 days remaining until July 28, it will be demonstrated that peace and victory will prevail in Venezuela.

“Although the opposition does not want to recognize it, Nicolás Maduro has the depth of government and the proposal to move Venezuela forward, while others only want enrichment,” he said.

He warned that if the president wins, “we must be prepared so that the opponents do not disturb and want to set the country on fire and not recognize the results.”

In turn, Governor Ernesto Luna invited people to believe in the government plan and the experience and vitality of the líder Bolivarian. “Historical reason charts the course for a Venezuela of prosperity, equality and well-being,” he said.

“Only we have a clear and broad country project” that is constantly renewed, which contrasts with the proposals of sectors of the right that seek to stop “the progress to which Venezuela is entitled.”

He added that for this Friday, June 7, they will carry out another mobilization in the Caripe municipality.

“There are already 6 mobilizations in Monagas: Cedeño, Bolívar, Sotillo, Santa Bárbara, Punceres and Aguasay, this Friday we will be with the beloved people of the Sultana of Guarapiche,” he indicated.

Aguasayeros rejected unilateral coercive measures

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