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They carry out a road prevention campaign in Monagas

They seek to promote road awareness for driver safety

This Friday, September 23, an awareness campaign was opened in Maturín called "Prevent to Live" directed by the Ministry of the Interior, Justice and Peace, Chief Admiral Remigio Ceballos Ichaso, together with institutions linked to security and prevention in the country.

The objective of this campaign, which is being carried out at the national level, is to guide the population of Monaguense on road prevention, informed the State Commissioner of the Great Quadrants of Peace Mission, César Barrios.

"This move has to do with prevention in road safety, which is being carried out at the national level with all security institutions," said the Commissioner.

He indicated that this is due to the figures that are registered in the Venezuelan observatory of security in Venezuela, on incidents and criminal behavior.

“The citizen security organs have been carrying out strategies to minimize crimes and failures.”

Therefore, Barrios emphasized that the statistics guide to have a traffic awareness education where the driver must understand that the seat belt is first, which has the function of "Saving lives" ... in addition, to avoid the maximum speed limit.

"Driving without any contaminants in your body, call it alcohol or drugs, and road awareness regarding traffic signs is the task we have for Monaguenses."

Central points of the campaign in Maturín

Barrios indicated that together with the Ministry of the Interior, Justice, the Monagas government and the Maturín mayor's office, through the citizen security secretariat and Zodi 52, incorporated with the Great Quadrants of Peace mission, today in Maturín the deployment is carried out from the Plaza El Indio, Av. Bicentenario in the San Simón parish, and Av. Raúl Leoni, Las Cocuizas parish where officials from the Fanb, OSC and the Preventive Front participate in the campaign.

"Since the early hours of today's morning, we are generating citizen awareness to mitigate and reduce accidents in our region, avoiding deaths and injuries," he said.

He specified that the accident figures are increasing, but thanks to the initiative of Mayor Ana Fuentes to supervise the liquor stores, they have been able to decrease by 40%.

"Today toxicological and breathalyzer tests are being carried out with the necessary instruments to detect anyone who is driving under these substances."

He said that more than 300 people such as motorcycle taxi drivers, public transport drivers, private vehicles, and passers-by have been made aware through preventive security agencies, regional and municipal police, human rights, Intt, and all the institutions that make life in the condition.

The commissioner indicated that more than 10 boys and girls also participate in this campaign to bring a preventive message to the public on road safety.

Municipalities that are simultaneously being made aware

The commissioner in charge pointed out that the municipalities that are being made aware simultaneously with Maturín are Ezequiel Zamora, Cedeño and Libertador.

"All the preventive fronts of these municipalities participate in this campaign in addition to the collaboration of the People's Guard, state, municipal and national police," he said.

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