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Patients are treated by the 1 × 10 in Maturín Central Hospital

With the 1x10, 26 patients were treated in the trauma area, and 5 will undergo surgery

The traumatology area of ​​the Dr. Manuel Núñez Tovar Hospital in Maturín treated 26 patients who had requested help through the 1×10 of the Good Government through the VenApp platform, reported the Regional Health social network.

In this way, seven traumatologists were present to care for patients with injuries and pathologies.

"Providing a timely response to those who need it, guiding and calming their need was revealed in the Núñez Tovar Traumatology Service," said one of the injury experts.

Likewise, Víctor Dávila, the State's Single Health Authority, reported that the patients who attended include children, youth and adults in order to receive adequate answers for their condition.

Dávila noted that "... a smaller percentage received indications to go to the operating room as soon as possible and others will mostly have to comply with physiotherapy treatments."

The Single Health Authority highlighted in the press release that “…with this social program, a response is given to those who, due to the issue of the pandemic and confinement, had stopped attending to their bone ailments.”

Likewise, Dr. Dávila urged Monaguenses to enter the VenApp platform and make their proposals and requests, since it responds to the patient.

Acknowledgments for the attention in the physiotherapy area

Carlos Zambrano thanked the medical authorities for the care his 10-year-old son received.

“Thanks to Dr. Víctor Dávila for allowing these medical consultations to take place, my son received physiotherapy treatments.”

Clara Hernández, an adult woman, also thanked the authorities since she needs to be operated on.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to be operated on, I say that, yes, there is a response through the 1×10 of the good government, they only have to download the application on their phones and follow the instructions that they are told.”

Situation Room 1×10 of the Good Government

With this day, a response is given to those who made their complaints through the VenApp, said Loriannys Martínez from the Situation Room of the 1×10 of the Good Government in Monagas.

He assured that very carefully Cardiologists and Ophthalmologists join similar activities.

"The idea is to attend to them all, and pay off the debt that covid-19 and its confinement left us, everyone who reports will be attended to in a timely manner."

He also reiterated that people can register for the 1×10 on the Patria system platform. In this way, the map of solutions is encouraged.

He specified that citizens will be able to download the VenApp application through the operating system that their mobile uses, and through line 58 they will be able to make their report with absolute security.

"They are going to have an effective and efficient response from the Venezuelan State," the analyst emphasized.

He concluded that the 1×10 system of Good Government allows harmonizing, generating a balance between the capacities of the national Government to provide effective responses.

In addition, "the system facilitates the political organization of the territory in the regions, governments and municipal bodies."


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