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Activate Anti-Imperialist Tribune in Monagas

Psuv militancy in the entity ratified its anti-imperialist character and its support for the Eurasian tour

The Governor of Monagas, Ernesto Luna, published through his social networks that, from the headquarters of the Bolivarian University of Venezuela, in the city of Maturín, he activated the Anti-Imperialist Tribune at the Bolivarian University (UBV) in support of the president's Eurasian tour Nicholas Maduro.

"We installed an Anti-imperialist Tribune at the headquarters of the Bolivarian University of Venezuela (UBV) to establish a clear and firm position in favor of peace in the world, the revolutionary militancy of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) of Monagas," Luna said. .

The event was attended by Fidel Vásquez and Erika Farías, national authorities of the PSUV; the regional coordinator of the party, Cosme Arzolay and the revolutionary militancy of the Maturín municipality, presenting a peace manifesto on behalf of the Monaguense people.

In this sense, the regional president affirmed that once again the anti-imperialist nature of the Bolivarian revolution and the Venezuelan government is ratified in the face of “the advance of the armies of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). From the state of Monagas, the children of Hugo Chávez commit ourselves to continue raising the flags of anti-imperialist struggle and we salute our president Nicolás Maduro, acknowledging all his efforts to guarantee peace in Venezuela and promote that of the entire world," he said. .

“Venezuela has become an example of resistance, and the epicenter of international geopolitics, where the people are the main actor. We are winning! », Indicated Luna, from her networks.

In the same way, the execution of actions through the Popular Brigades, the Civic Military Union and the Popular Power was proposed, to optimize the educational institutions of the municipality, health centers and sports structures, as requested by the national government.

anti-imperialist and anti-expansionist

For his part, the national authority of the PSUV, Fidel Vásquez, described as successful the tour of the national leader through the Eurasian countries and the popular victory obtained by the brotherly people of Colombia by raising their voice against the North American empire and electing Gustavo Petro their president. .

Vásquez indicated that from Monagas the voice is raised to condemn the expansionism of NATO.

«NATO has become the military arm of neoliberal capitalism and expands with its weapons of destruction throughout Europe and other continents, being a threat to life, the sovereignty of peoples and peace. For this reason, from Monagas we raise our voices to condemn the expansionism of NATO and demand the immediate cessation of unilateral coercive measures against the peoples of the world, since they are neo-colonial actions that violate the international legal order and undermine human rights”, he said.

In turn, Erika Farias, who is the national liaison for the PSUV in Monagas, stated that with this meeting of the revolutionary people, the anti-imperialist conviction and the pretensions of invading free nations are ratified.

Likewise, the political leader declared the entity as a territory of peace, where the revolutionary militancy joins efforts to support the national president in the construction of a new world order based on mutual respect.

“We declare unrestricted adherence to the decisions made by President Nicolás Maduro in favor of peace and brotherhood with the peoples of the world, by saying no to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) summit,” Farías said.

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