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They refine the risk prevention plan against rainfall in Monagas

The prioritized and most vulnerable municipalities are Acosta, Cedeño and Maturín

In Monagas they are fine-tuning details for the execution of a 2024 risk prevention plan as a consequence of the presence of the La Niña phenomenon, which predicts abundant rains between July and August, as detailed by Governor Ernesto Luna.

“So far we have not been affected by the rains, but we must be vigilant so that irreparable damage does not occur,” he said.

The regional leader along with the commander of Zodi No. 52, G/D Romerl Romero Domínguez; the Secretary of Citizen Security, FANB Colonel Eduardo Almérida Padrón; Representatives of institutions in addition to the Bolivarian National Guard, the Fire Department, Civil Protection, mayors and regional and municipal directors analyzed the situation of each of the 13 municipalities.

Luna instructed the 13 mayors to carry out inter-institutional work with the Risk Prevention System to be prepared for any problems generated by the rains, mainly in the most vulnerable municipalities such as: Acosta, Cedeño and Maturín (San Simón and Las Cocuizas parishes).

The regional chief analyzed the situation of each security force in relation to their technical equipment in order to strengthen communication and response capacity in the event of floods.

“We must all be alert to any natural phenomenon, let's not leave anything out, everyone must be ready to act,” he said.

Monagas has 688 employees

Meanwhile, Almérida Padrón indicated that the entity has 688 firefighter officials distributed in 18 stations in 9 municipalities in the region, in addition to 501 Civil Protection officials in 14 headquarters to attend to any contingency that arises derived from climate instability.

He highlighted that, from the National Risk Management System, President Nicolás Maduro ordered permanent climate monitoring to reduce the impact of the approaching tropical waves.

As part of these preventive policies, in Monagas the evaluation of the level of 23 rivers and 48 pipes is emphasized, in addition to the maintenance of the different wastewater channels in the different municipalities.

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