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Santa Bárbara calls for the end of sanctions and supports Maduro  

Revolutionary militancy flooded the streets with banners, joy and hope

This Thursday, May 23, in the afternoon, a wave of humans flooded the streets of Santa Bárbara in Monagas with a mobilization that resonated with a single message: “the cessation of the sanctions imposed by the United States.”

The vibrant municipality of Santa Bárbara, between banners, screams, joy and hope, joined the collective voice, demanding a change in foreign policy that directly affects their lives.

More than 4 people gathered to say “No more US sanctions”, and with that firm conviction the governor of Monagas, Ernesto Luna, together with the mayor of this jurisdiction, Carmen Tillero, accompanied by militants of the United Socialist Party, young people líderis, once again supporting President Nicolás Maduro.

“The people of Monagas take to the streets to show who is in charge, fighting people, rebellious people, historical people, they are a clear example of the courage of a people who, despite adversity, continue fighting for their right to self-determination and a better future.”, expressed the regional leader.

Luna indicated that Monagas will continue with the mobilizations, without resting "today we are in the glorious town of Santa Bárbara, tomorrow we will be marching with a firm voice with the Caripe municipality, the garden of eastern Venezuela."

For her part, the young Sofía Ruiz, originally from Santa Bárbara, and representative of the Bolivarian organization of students from the Benjamín Briceño Marten National High School, in her speech, said that the revolutionary youth will continue to support Nicolás Maduro.

“We are here, the youth of Oro, of this vibrant municipality, and as a young revolutionary, I invite you to vote for truth and honesty this July 28, “no more blockade or sanctions,” he said.

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