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Red tide filled the streets of Caripito in repudiation of the sanctions

The PSUV machinery will deploy mobilizations twice a week in the streets of Monagas in support of Maduro

This Thursday, May 16, a meeting took place for Monaco residents to march in support of the revolutionary project led by President Nicolás Maduro, as well as in rejection of the coercive measures that the North American government has imposed on the country.

More than 7 thousand people marched, forming a great red tide that took over the streets “Picuincha del Rincón” and Paseo Ferial Avenida Boyacá in the capital Caripito of the Bolívar municipality, to demonstrate, once again, that Monagas is a revolutionary land.  

The organizer of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) in Monagas, Irwing Monteverde, was present at the mobilization; Cosme Arzolay, member of the regional leadership of the party; the deputy of the National Assembly, Euribes Guevara; and Omar Farías accompanied by part of the regional leadership, a great patriotic pole, processing mothers, and youth of the PSUV.

Monteverde reported that they will mobilize twice a week, which, in his opinion, will allow the Chavista machinery to be fine-tuned for the presidential elections on July 28.

“We are living in a historical era that indicates once again that the Bolivarian revolution is organized and projected, and these great red tides demonstrate that President Maduro's political projects are feasible and palpable,” said Monteverde.

He warned at the top of his voice and from a large platform that, “unilateral coercive measures constitute crimes against humanity against our Venezuelan people, and that the economic blockade represents a violation of fundamental human rights, since the people of developing countries are the victims of these measures imposed by powerful countries.”

Likewise, Monteverde stated that, for this Friday, May 17, the capital of Barrancas del Orinoco of the Sotillo municipality plans to hold a march in support of President Nicolás Maduro and the revolution.

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