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Monagas working class asks to lift sanctions

In the Bolívar squares of the 13 municipalities of Monagas they collect signatures to ask the US to lift the blockade against Venezuela

In Maturín, capital of Monagas, workers of the working class held, this Monday, May 20, a mega day of collecting signatures with the aim of asking the Government of Joe Biden to lift the sanctions and blockade that Venezuela has imposed. been subjected, the last 8 years.

The governor of Monagas, Ernesto Luna, the youth of the Psuv and the state political team, accompany thousands of workers in this act of sovereignty.

After signing his signature, the regional president described the act as another example of the patriotic love of the people of Monaco, to build a destiny, as well as their independence, sovereignty and the peace of our territory in the defense of the dignity of Simón's homeland. Bolívar and Chávez,” said Luna.

These activities are deployed simultaneously in the Bolívar squares of the other 12 municipalities of the entity, Luna reported.

For her part, Gloria López, a worker at an institution attached to the government, revealed that her signature and that of many is part of what the people of Monaco will do to end the sanctions, “this People has resisted in permanent battle, in permanent combat ”.

“We demand that the United States government lift the blockade and sanctions against Venezuela. Enough is enough,” he said with a firm voice.

Thousands of people from Monaco along with Governor Ernesto Luna signed to prevent the sanctions from continuing. Photo: Martin Pérez

Cedeño said No to US sanctions

The mayor of the Cedeño municipality, Daniel Monteverde, together with the mayor's office workers, led the day of collecting signatures together with the working force and organized people, who demanded the total lifting of the sanctions imposed from the United States.

In the words of Monteverde "today more than ever the people of Venezuela are aware of the role that our president Nicolás Maduro has played and the tough battle against the demons of the North, with courage we have resisted as Chávez taught us and here we will be ready for the great Battle of July 28” 

Likewise, he mentioned that the working and Chavista people came out to express with their signature their total and absolute support for the Bolivarian revolution and our president Maduro.

Elieser Tovar, a worker at the Cedeño mayor's office, emphasized that with the placement of his signature he demands that the American government take its hands off Venezuela, “we are a free nation, enough of so much evil to the people of Venezuela.”

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