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Religious communities of Monagas provide support to Nicolás Maduro

In a meeting of pastors and ministers from various Christian churches, 1.655 "Friends of Nicolás" groups were formed so far.

This Wednesday, June 5, deputy Nicolás Maduro Guerra, national head of Religious Affairs of the PSUV, arrived in the state of Monagas to hold a meeting with Christian churches, and an assembly to debate the 7 Transformations, accompanied by national deputy Rodbexha Poleo and the governor. of this eastern entity Ernesto Luna.  

The deputy for Religious Affairs held a meeting with pastors and ministers from different Christian churches to form so far 1.655 “Friends of Nicolás” groups in Christian communities of the 13 municipalities, within the framework of a crusade that seeks to motivate the faithful to massive participation in the upcoming electoral process.

Maduro Guerra thanked the PSUV Religious Affairs Commission for its work, because it has managed to unite a great force of faith in 13 municipalities and 44 parishes of the entity, leading up to the triumph of President Nicolás Maduro on July 28.

He commented that the mission is to strengthen faith and values ​​at the national level to strengthen the family as the fundamental nucleus of society.

Likewise, Governor Ernesto Luna took the opportunity to thank the work of the churches of different religious currents in Monagas that, through the gospel, have contributed to making the town resilient to the consequences of the sanctions imposed by the United States government.

“It is time to be missionaries of hope. With God's favor, better times are coming. And in adverse times we have had the accurate leadership of President Nicolás Maduro Moros, who has embraced the Venezuelan family. Today we must be multipliers of that message and continue preserving the peace of Venezuela,” said the president.

In Monagas they debate the 7Ts to build the victory of July 28

With a total of 25 social movements from the Great Simón Bolívar Patriotic Pole (GPPSB) and members of the New Era Congress, they participated in an assembly on the 7Ts headed by national deputies Nicolás Maduro Guerra and Rodbexha Poleo.

The activity took place in the auditorium of the Socialist Legislative Council of the State of Monagas (Clsem), where Governor Luna thanked Congressman Maduro Guerra for the guidelines on the 7T, a proposal that he considers “a new instrument to continue giving prominence and protection to the "Venezuelan people, facing the attacks of the most genocidal empire in history." 

“We are in the process of building victory number 29 of the Bolivarian Revolution. Proof of this is the participation of 150 thousand people from Monaco in the debate on the 7Ts proposed by President Nicolás Maduro. We have a president who guides, consults and obeys the people. The 7Ts are part of the 2024-2030 government plan that will continue to provide happiness and social assistance to our people. A plan designed with contributions from all sectors of the country,” explained Governor Luna.

Likewise, Maduro Guerra highlighted that the Revolution has a líder consolidated with a socialist model and the 7T project designed based on the ideas of the people.

“Nicolás Maduro is the man and has the plan to lead the country towards the best destinations with the 7Ts. We have the concepts, we have the plan and we have the líder. While the project of the right is to hand over the country and its oil to the North American empire,” said the national parliamentarian.

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