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Mission Abuelos de la Patria served older adults in Monagas

They provided quality care in dentistry, general medicine, laboratory service, food bag and more

In the state of Monagas, specifically in Caicara and Caripito in the municipalities of Cedeño and Bolívar, they held workshops that benefited 181 grandparents in order to deepen the comprehensive care of adults in the entity.

In Cedeño, they treated 81 grandparents from this town, where doctors from the national public health system provided quality care, reported the mayor of this jurisdiction, Daniel Monteverde, accompanied by the director of the Comprehensive Community Health Area, Adirka Chacón.

Monteverde explained that they were treated with dental services, general medicine, laboratory, (prostate antigen), X-ray, vaccination, deworming, blood pressure control, ultrasound and educational sessions.

“This is a great contribution from the Bolivarian Government for older adults who have given their lives for the development of the country, to continue advancing to strengthen public health,” he said.

In the capital of Bolívar they favored 100 grandparents

Likewise, in the town of Caripito, a day was also held within the framework of the Great Mission of Grandfathers and Grandmothers of the Homeland, where 100 older adults were benefited, as announced by the Secretary of Social Development of the Monagas governorate, Danielys León. .

León highlighted that the grandparents were assisted in the areas of general and internal medicine, ophthalmology, deworming and immunization, updating of the country card, census, and recreational activities.

In addition, older adults received personal hygiene kits, medicines, a bag of food and glasses. In addition, they enjoyed the spa service, haircut and cosmetic care.

The Secretary of Social Development explained that attention is based on four fundamental vertices: the first, focused on Health and Food; the second, focused on Comprehensive Social Protection; the third, related to the My Grandfather and Grandmother of the Homeland Movement; and the fourth, dedicated to the houses of grandparents.

Institutions such as: InsaMonagas, State Institute for Women and the Family, Fundaproal, Somos Venezuela, Social Security, Movimiento Paz y Vida, Lotería de Oriente, Secretariat of Social Development, among others, participated.

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