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Three classrooms at the ULA Faculty of Medicine will be ready this month

#Mérida 6.000 m2 of the South building and auditorium 108 have been waterproofed, hallways remodeled and facades restored

More than 6.000 m2 of waterproofing of the building of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Los Andes (ULA) have been carried out in the context of the rehabilitation of the South Building and Auditorium 108 of this study house, work carried out by the Gran Venezuela Bella Mission and the governorate of the state of Mérida.

At the same time, the internal remodeling of the hallways (frieze and painting), restoration of facades (removal of frieze) and total adaptation of three classrooms of the nine to be intervened was achieved in this first stage. 

The regional director of the Great Venezuela Bella Mission, Andrés Rodrigo, pointed out that priority was given to the classrooms in the South building and the waterproofing of auditorium 108, due to the serious deterioration of the spaces, caused by leaks.

“In the auditorium, the existing material was removed, slopes corrected, the asphalt layer was placed and the luminous paint was applied. In addition, in the internal part, we carried out work to remove and place the base frieze, we dismantled everything that is the ceiling and new textured planks were placed to give a touch of modernity to the structure.”

The Secretary of Infrastructure and Housing of the governorate, Vladimir Alarcón, highlighted that materials for the execution of the work continue to arrive at the south building of the Faculty of Medicine. 

Recently, 800 rolls of asphalt covering, 105 buckets of primer and 105 buckets of luminous paint, intended for waterproofing, were delivered.

In that sense, Andrés Rodrigo pointed out that the rehabilitated classrooms will be available the third week of June, since at the beginning of the project several classrooms were closed due to leaks. He said that, on more than 465 square meters of the main façade, work has been done to remove the frieze, then the meshing, which will give way to the painting work, next Monday.

Workers, technicians, architects, engineers and security and prevention personnel are on site, generating 108 direct jobs and more than 500 indirect jobs.

Rodrigo pointed out that there is articulated work between the liaison commission made up of representatives of said study house and the Bolivarian government, as well as with the Engineering and Maintenance team of the ULA. He also reported that the participation of the Venezuela Bella Mission in the University Council took place through the right to speak to publicize the progress of the work and listen to the requests of the Ulandine authorities present, “all decisions have been made under consensus".

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