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Mission Sonrisa delivered dental prostheses in Mérida

45 dental mechanics students from Unefa Mérida serve as interns for the Smile Mission in the entity

From the Government Palace of Mérida, the Smile Mission delivered 65 dental prostheses to patients from 11 municipalities of the entity, as part of the response to the requests of the 1×10 Good Government VenApp.

The governor of the state of Mérida, Jehyson Guzmán, led this first delivery, accompanied by interns from the dental mechanics career of the National Experimental Polytechnic University of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (Unefa).

For her part, the coordinator of the Smile Mission, Leila Ruíz, added that patients are received daily at the Mérida headquarters, also “we carry out recruitment in social operations in conjunction with the Barrio Adentro Mission and soon we will receive medical supplies,” said Ruíz. .

community care

The dean of the Unefa core Mérida, Nguyen Manrique Molina, said that the 45 interns of the Smile Mission have co-responsibility in community social care.

He explained that the students of the last semester of the dental mechanics degree at Unefa, Mérida core, accompany the process of making prostheses and patient care, as part of their academic internships.

In this sense, student Jesus García expressed his pleasure in serving the community, describing it as gratifying to be able to bring a clinical case to the piracy after three years of theory.

Finally, Molina urged the national authorities to consolidate an agreement between Unefa and Misión Sonrisa that nourishes the work of both entities.


Julio Cesar García, beneficiary of the Campo Elías municipality, expressed that “after a long time, I will chew food again; A prosthesis in the private sector costs more than $200, today I received two free teeth.”

Likewise, Oscar Rivas explained that after losing a tooth as a result of periodontal disease; He participated in four sessions with Unefa interns: “they are giving me the prosthesis, I feel happy about my complete set of teeth.”

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