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They carry out asphalt work in different municipalities of Mérida

Popular power also carries out road rehabilitation work in the municipalities of Alberto Adriani (El Vigía), Campo Elías (Ejido) and Libertador (Mérida).

Through the National Asphalt Plan, more than 400 tons of material are being placed on Trunk 001, in the section from Onia municipality Alberto Adriani (El Vigía) to the Zea road.

The work is carried out in the leveling folder and then the work is carried out in the bearing folder, explained the president of the Merideño Institute of Infrastructure and Roads (Inmivi) of the Government, Yesenia Díaz.

Díaz highlighted that with the policies of the national Executive and the support of Governor Jehyson Guzmán, trafficability on the roads of the Merida entity is improved, in this case it is an important section because it also connects the states of Mérida and Táchira. 

He added that it is a multidisciplinary work with the teams of the government's Public Services Secretariat, the Autonomous Toll and Road Service (Savemp), to date 5 kilometers of roads have been recovered in a comprehensive manner, paved, demarcated and placement of cat's eye, which began from Don Pepe Rojas Avenue, continues through Junior Mall and is being carried out in Onia, sectors belonging to the Alberto Adriani (El Vigía) municipality.

Likewise, in the Tovar municipality, an asphalting day was carried out in the San Francisco parish, specifically in the El Tejar and Caricuena sectors, through the Municipal Engineering department. 

The work focused on the consolidation of a section of the main highway of the parish, mainly on the edge fault located in the Caricuena sector, which previously caused interruptions to vehicular traffic between Tovar and the Guaraque municipality.

Projects chosen in the National Popular Consultation

Two projects chosen by the communities in the last National Popular Consultation 2024 regarding asphalt are also being carried out, respectively, in the municipalities of Alberto Adriani (El Vigía) and Campo Elías (Ejido).

Governor Jehyson Guzmán together with the mayor of the Campo Elías municipality (Ejido) Simón Figueroa carried out an inspection of the asphalt in the community of El Moral, in the Matriz de Ejido parish.

Guzmán reported that this work includes the provision of 480 tons of asphalt to benefit 1118 families and 3853 inhabitants; The community did not have paved roads, its streets were dirt. 

He noted that the winning asphalt project was to apply 70 tons of asphalt, now with the coordinated work between the regional and municipal governments it rose to 480 tons.

Likewise, Guzmán inspected the comprehensive rehabilitation work of 3 square meters of asphalt, which goes from the Pan-American highway to the Hugo Chávez sector, where the Hugo Chávez Mission Base is located in the Presidente Páez parish, belonging to the Alberto Adriani municipality (El Look-out).

The work is developing its initial phase, which includes the formation of the road with the work of heavy backhoe-type machinery. In addition, the construction of the shoulder is being carried out to delimit the area to be consolidated and then paved.

While in the Libertador municipality (Mérida) the projects presented to the Local Public Planning Council (CLPP) of said mayor's office are being executed, reported the municipal director of Roads and Transportation, Carlos León.

He explained that the inhabitants of the parishes to benefit from the patching and paving plan are Arias, Sagrario and Spinetti Dini; with the projection of laying approximately 1.000 tons of asphalt.

 He added that during the year 2024, more than 500 tons of asphalt have been placed in the Libertador municipality in the sectors: Santa Juana, Santa Mónica, Los Sauzales, Cruz Verde and on Humberto Tejera Avenue.

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