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Young man lost lung due to excessive vaping

Tests determined that excessive vaping caused lung collapse

A 17-year-old British teenager lost part of a lung due to her habit of vaping the equivalent of 400 cigarettes a week.

On May 11, the girl, named Kyla Blight, fainted while she was at a friend's house, who immediately notified the girl's parents, international agencies reported.

Kyla was immediately taken to the hospital by her father, Mark Blight, where, after performing the relevant tests, they determined that as a result of excessive vaping, an air blister had burst in her lung, which left her with a hole in her lung. tissue and caused lung collapse.

The young woman underwent emergency surgery to remove part of her damaged lung.

According to recent studies, the vaper, a device that contains nicotine, can cause consequences equal to or worse than cigarettes.

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