With WhatsApp people reinvent themselves to sell

The covid-19 pandemic has slowed down many aspects of daily routine, but it has also given rise to other ways of life such as digital commerce, and with this, the individual entrepreneurship of those who have reinvented themselves by offering first-class goods, services and products. necessity in instant messaging media such as whatsapp, a mobile application that reaches millions of people on a global scale.

Its flow and capacity for interaction is the tool that many Venezuelans are currently using to generate extra income, and even for some it is a new source of livelihood.

Harrison Rangel, a resident of the Sucre parish in Caracas, commented to Últimas Noticias that this application has helped him reach more people and consolidate a client portfolio to sell varied products.

“I have been selling food and personal hygiene items for three years. I created a portfolio of clients with credit products. However, with the arrival of the pandemic everything changed, but with the experience I have acquired, in the midst of the health situation, communication via WhatsApp has been more expeditious and accessible, both with suppliers to get the merchandise and with customers ”, precise.
This method of work has allowed Harrison Rangel an independent work dynamic.
“I can afford my basic necessities, clothes and sometimes luxuries; Today economic instability, coupled with covid-19, practically leaves me without the means to survive. For this reason, I have had to increase the investment and through instant messaging I have less operating expenses and a guarantee of reaching more people, "he added, while explaining that he uses various payment methods, the most frequent being foreign currency, upon agreement face-to-face with your clients.

The states. This application recently incorporated the so-called states, which are aimed at presenting, through photographs, short videos and 700-character texts, the expressions of users. This function has served for those who use WhatsApp as their work medium.

From cars, tools, apartments, houses and more, they are advertised in the states, which can be configured for specific contacts according to demand. Others serve as a channel to offer to suppliers, for which they charge sales and publication commissions.

In this regard, Alberto Hernández, a free practice lawyer in Valencia, Carabobo state, explained that delving into this medium as a work alternative was a challenge for him, but together with another colleague he offers his professional services, property and real estate.

“It allows me to capture other income that is not tied to a job, limited by the 7 + 7 scheme, and this I have consolidated as support in the circumstance of radical quarantine. In general terms, it has been, in the current context, a help, also venturing into the area of ​​digital sales with another colleague. This for me is very new ”, he indicated.

On the other hand, Argenis Sivira comments that some time ago he left his job in the public administration to start a business of telephone recharges through social networks, WhatsApp and telegram.

Charge a commission for each recharge. He said that despite having a client portfolio, requests have decreased lately. "It is not constant, because now there are various platforms such as the Patria system, which recently added a recharge option, in addition to banks," he said.


There are many groups in this mobile application in which various Internet users offer products of all kinds, as well as professional refrigeration services, white line repair, and on the eve of Christmas there is a boom in ingredients and dishes for Christmas dinner.
In Catia there is a group aimed at promoting products and services between 6:00 in the morning and 10:00 at night. Administrators require that publications must be priced with a maximum of one file and text, and that transactions be done privately.

As in Catia, there are urbanizations, buildings and residential complexes in the capital where by WhatsApp the neighbors obtain from cleaning products, food and sweets, they can also have breakfast, lunch and even dinner directly at home.

Trend channel

One of the great digital trends for this year, and which grew during the quarantine by covid-19, is conversational commerce through chat platforms such as WhatsApp, according to a study carried out by the Facebook company last year. “Approximately 60 percent of our users had contact with a business through messaging applications during the holiday season last year. Obviously the percentage will be much higher after what happened with the pandemic ”, explained Diana González, WhatsApp manager for Latin America during a recent conference. He claims that the platform became a vital tool for trading.