They will reinforce urban agriculture on January 23

The foundation aims to reinforce training

The members of the Tres Raíces Foundation that make life in the parish 23 de Enero, in the Libertador municipality, have planned for this year to reinforce the processes of urban agriculture, increase crops, locate new spaces for planting and continue the training processes , where young people will be the population of special attention.

This was reported by Oswaldo Reyes, Alfredo Canchica and Eudis Otaiza, members of the aforementioned foundation, who pointed out that last year, keeping all the biosecurity protocols against covid-19, they obtained excellent results in the planting spaces that they enabled, including the vacant lots behind block 40 of zone F, the roofs of Ince located in zone E, as well as some crops in the Sierra Maestra zone, where projects are being carried out in alliance with the United Young Brigade.

"Today when we see the excellent results we have had with this urban agriculture process, we have to remind our leader, Heiker Vásquez, who is now three years old after planting, and that in life he was responsible for activating this and other social programs on January 23, such as vacation plans, the creation of groups of re-enactors and the recovery of the Ince headquarters, in zone E, to carry out a series of courses for the benefit of residents of all ages ”Said Oswaldo Reyes.

They pointed out that last year, with the support of the national government, they also ventured into raising pigs, whose protein helped the residents of the populous parish to prepare their traditional Christmas dinner.

“Heiker Vásquez also promoted the first cultivation houses, whose first harvests were tomato and paprika, which served as an example for the Urban Agriculture plan in Caracas, and in the process of which a significant number of young people have joined, now their different communities look for spaces to increase crops and harvests ”, said member Alfredo Canchica.

For her part, Eudy Otaiza pointed out that from the Ince spaces in zone E it is expected this year to restart the training courses.
"Motivated by the covid-19 pandemic, face-to-face classes were suspended and we held virtual workshops, for now we await the recommendations of the health authorities," he said.



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