StartLifeWHO updates vaccination guide against covid-19

WHO updates vaccination guide against covid-19

For the high priority group, they recommend an additional booster six or 12 months after the last dose.

This Tuesday the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that the Strategic Advisory Expert Group on Immunization (SAGE) reviewed the roadmap to establish priorities in vaccination against Covid-19.

In this sense, priority continues to be given to populations with the highest risk of death and serious illness from SARS-CoV-2 infection and its focus on maintaining resilient health systems, reports office of Prensa Latina.

Consider again the cost-effectiveness of vaccination for lower risk groups, that is, healthy children and adolescents, compared to other health interventions.

It also includes revised recommendations for additional booster doses and their spacing.

Dr Hanna Nohynek, Chair of SAGE, commented, "Countries need to consider their specific context when deciding whether to continue vaccinating low-risk groups, such as healthy children and adolescents, without compromising routine vaccinations that are so crucial to health and the well-being of this age group.

Three priority use groups for vaccination

The revised roadmap outlines three priority use groups for vaccination against COVID-2: high, medium and low.

These priority groups are based primarily on risk of severe illness and death. In addition, they consider vaccine performance, cost-effectiveness, programmatic factors, and community acceptance.

The high-priority group includes older adults, younger adults with significant comorbidities (for example, diabetes and heart disease), people with immunocompromised conditions (with HIV and transplant recipients), including children six months and older, pregnant women, and workers. frontline healthcare.

For the high priority group, SAGE recommends an additional booster six or 12 months after the last dose, with the time period depending on factors such as age and immunocompromised conditions.

The medium priority group includes healthy adults, generally under 50-60 years of age, without comorbidities, and children and adolescents with comorbidities.

SAGE recommends primary series and first booster doses for the medium priority group.

Although additional boosters are safe for this group, they are not routinely recommended, given the comparatively low returns to public health.

The low priority group includes healthy children and adolescents from six months to 17 years.

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