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Vice President supervises rehabilitation on January 23

They will rehabilitate 120 buildings in three axes and at the point and circle, where they will also carry out paving work, remodeling of fields and sports spaces, mission bases, among others.

This Monday, the Executive Vice President of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez, carried out an inspection of the remodeling plan for works in the 23 de Enero parish, in Caracas.

The vice president reported that these works include the rehabilitation of 120 buildings in three axes and at the point and circle, where paving work, remodeling of fields and sports spaces, mission bases, waterproofing, among others, will also be carried out.

“To convert these January 23 buildings into a true work of art that includes a remodeling of the facades into polychromatic facades by the hand of the master Juvenal Ravelo and kinetic art,” Rodríguez detailed.

He specified that several work fronts have been formed and that “tall, medium and small” buildings are being intervened.

These works will benefit more than 35 thousand people who live in this populous parish of Caracas.

Rodríguez recalled that this action also has historical significance for the Bolivarian project and Commander Hugo Chávez.

“Today we are reclaiming our historical roots, today we are reclaiming (Simón) Bolívar and Commander Chávez together with President Nicolás Maduro,” he added.

On the other hand, Juvenal Ravelo stressed that in recent days studies have been carried out to ensure that the colors are accurate.

He pointed out that community participation in this plan will be important because it will give them a sense of belonging.

Popular power participates in the recovery

The Minister for Public Works and Services, Raúl Paredes highlighted the people's interest in participating in the rehabilitation of the January 23 blocks. Likewise, he stressed that the recovery is of the buildings and their surroundings.

He also commented that this approach includes attention to the point and circle, that is, “which are not only the buildings, but also everything that is around them.”

“The social infrastructure is contemplated in this project, including roads, churches, community houses, mission bases,” he said.

For her part, the mayor of Caracas, Carmen Meléndez, praised the Remodeling Plan in the January 23 Parish implemented by the Head of State for the well-being of the people. She stressed that these works will be carried out with the participation of the people.

This “is the rebirth of January 23 in the hands of our president Nicolás Maduro in those seven transformations,” he said.

Likewise, the head of government of the Capital District, Nahum Fernández, stated that work will be underway to change the entire façade of the blocks of the 23 de Enero parish, in Caracas.

Fernández said that the first element is the waterproofing of all the roofs of the buildings and then the painting work. The third is the common spaces.

He added that the paint factories of the GDC, the Mayor's Office of Caracas and the Ministry of Public Works participate in this project.

Fernández indicated that the three work axes are made up of La Silsa towards Propatria, the central axis and axis one.

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