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Venezuela seeks alliances at the World Education Pre-Summit in Paris

The president of Inces held a meeting with the diplomatic corps of Japan

After the start of the World Education Pre-Summit held in Paris, the vice minister of Educational Communities and Union with the People and president of Inces, Wuikelman Angel, representative of Venezuela, held an important meeting with the diplomatic corps of Japan.

During the meeting, Angel raised the possibility of promote exchanges in terms of education and professional technical training, as well as the recognition of experiences and the reestablishment of cooperative relations.

For his part, the Japanese ambassador to France, Jun'ichi Ihara, expressed interest in the approach of the Venezuelan government, indicating that they currently manage a policy of sustainable development from the education sector, in order to consolidate a green economy, a matter of interest for Venezuela, refers to a press release.

At the meeting, Angel, delegated by the Minister of People's Power for Education, Yelitze Santaella, recalled that, in the past, Inces worked with JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) and raised the possibility of reestablishing contact with that important organization.

The owner of the Inces He explained that by resuming the relationship with JICA, it would be possible to work on updating the contents of teacher Inces, an approach welcomed by Ihara.

In order to specify actions and specify the steps to follow, and in order to re-establish and reinvigorate the relationship with Japan, the diplomat undertook to facilitate communication with the Embassy in Venezuela to materialize an immediate work agenda.

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