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Vaping causes multiple inflammation

In electronic cigarettes they use ingredients and flavors that affect the heart, lungs and brain

Electronic cigarettes, products that have been fashionable in recent years as a supposed therapy to stop smoking, use aerosols of nicotine, diacetyl, chemicals and, among other things, heavy metals such as nickel, tin and lead.

In addition, they have volatile organic compounds and ultrafine particles that affect the lungs. But, not only in that organ and its functions does it have a negative impact, its ingredients and flavors also affect the heart, the brain and even the colon, causing a variation in its balances in the short and long term, according to a new investigation.

The experiment carried out at the University of California in San Diego, United States, concluded that electronic cigarettes alter the inflammatory state in multiple organ systems, and influence the way they respond to infections.

According to the results, the use of these devices every day for three months caused changes in neuroinflammatory genes in the critical region of the brain for motivation and reward processing: accumbens.

This translates into an effect on the mental health of those who use it, and on their behavior in the future, and in this sense the research raises concerns, because neuroinflammation is associated with anxiety, depression and addictive behaviors, further exacerbating the substance use and addiction.

As for the colon, it was shown that it could increase the risk of gastrointestinal disease, while in the heart there was evidence of reduced levels of inflammation, which can make the heart tissue more vulnerable to infection.

cardiac risk

In relation to the heart, according to the Spanish Heart Foundation, vaping electronic cigarettes raises the elevation of heart rate and blood pressure; heartbeats become irregular, and there are vascular problems and a possible increased risk of blood clots.

The World Heart Federation states in a report that users of electronic cigarettes are almost twice as likely to suffer a heart attack than those who do not, and the risk is that this fashion is in great demand among the younger population.

In addition to the chemicals used, the flavor is artificial and adheres more easily to the lungs, causing the possible formation of lung cancer in a given time.

Oral health

These cigarettes also have an obvious impact on aesthetics and cause oral diseases. Hatzel Hacibe Jiménez Dib, a dentist, comments that vaping is as harmful as conventional cigarettes for oral health, because it affects the supporting tissue of the tooth, leading to gingivitis or periodontitis, which can result in loss of dental structure. Likewise, it causes halitosis, since the nicotine they contain affects the production of saliva; The flow of saliva decreases and bad breath (halitosis) is generated.

Also due to the nicotine and metals it contains, oral cancer can be created. “Vaping was invented for adults with the idea of ​​supposedly reducing cigarette consumption, but it has become a public health problem from an oral point of view, because now it is not only consumed by adults, but also by adolescents,” he said.


The risk of this practice is alerted to governments such as Mexico, which banned the circulation and marketing of its products almost a week ago, after declaring the maximum health alert due to health risks.

Global Tobacco Control cites that the legislation in other countries is diverse. In the United States, Canada, Argentina and even Venezuela there are restrictions on tobacco, as well as Brazil, Cambodia and Thailand in which the sale, consumption and advertising are prohibited.

In Saudi Arabia and Egypt they are prohibited, however, although some have prohibitions, in most of them there is still no specific law on these products.


  • Electronic cigarettes are known in different ways: e-cigs, electronic systems designed to deliver nicotine, alternative nicotine delivery systems, e-hookahs, mods, pen-type electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, vaping devices and tank systems.
  • Many describe it as the action of vaping but, in reality, they are devices with an aerosol of particles, after a process of heating a liquid that is inhaled reaching the lungs, experts in the area indicate.
  • A macro survey by Statista Global reports that until the first quarter of 2019, the consumption of electronic cigarettes worldwide was led by China with 20%, followed by European nations such as France with 14% and the United Kingdom 13%, and the same number United States, Italy 12%, Germany 11%, Japan 10%, Spain 8% and India 5%.

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