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HomeLifeThere are 2.103 confirmed cases of monkeypox in the world

There are 2.103 confirmed cases of monkeypox in the world

The WHO reported that there was an increase of 818 infections compared to June 10

Confirmed cases of monkeypox in 2.103 countries increased to 42, representing an increase of 818 infections from the previous report on June 10, the World Health Organization reported.

Although it is the first time that large numbers of cases of the simian disease have been reported in many nations in different geographical areas, the WHO assesses the risk of involvement as moderate. It also states that mortality in the current outbreak remains low.

The multinational organization eliminated the distinction between endemic and non-endemic countries, in order to report on all of them together and offer a unified response.

The European region continues to be the one with the highest number of infections with a total of 1,73 confirmed patients, representing 84% of global cases. While in America, there are 245, equivalent to 12%, and in Africa there are 64, which sum up to 3%.

Authorities in the Eastern Mediterranean diagnosed 14 patients with smallpox and in the Western Pacific they have detected only six.

Meanwhile, the Chilean Ministry of Health announced the confirmation of a second case of the simian disease, which was revealed through a PCR analysis in a person who came from Europe.

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