They vaccinate against the coronavirus in municipal markets

They put the first dose of the Sinopharm antidote. Photo: Orlando Alviárez

From 7:00 in the morning until after noon, the immunization sessions against covid-19 are activated daily in four health care points in the municipal markets of Caracas: the main car market, Quinta Crespo, La Hormiga in The Cemetery and La Pastora.

The intention is to vaccinate the population that lives in each of the municipal markets and in some cases give support to older people who arrive as part of the clientele of those spaces, where the days began on September 1 in the four points simultaneously. 

The awareness of citizens to be immunized against the virus was demonstrated in the municipal market of La Pastora. There the process was carried out in a single day, since most of its workers were vaccinated.

"Here we have all been vaccinated and we are waiting the next day to receive the second dose of the Chinese vaccine," he told the team of Últimas Noticias a market concessionaire.

In the municipal market of Quinta Crespo, in the address area, people in a safe distance wait in lines for the moment to receive the vaccine. During the second day of the day, some 192 people out of a population of 2.500 had already been vaccinated.

"Together with the market management we made a population census of those who carry out activities in this market to give priority to the elderly and thus we designed the campaign that serves all workers in this market," said Yesenia Maza, director of the health area Comprehensive Community (Asic) of Santa Teresa and leader of the vaccination in the place.

In the food sales area located next to the Los Corotos market, after presenting their card and identity card, people are disinfected and go through the data collection process and vaccination certificate where it is read that the second dose of the Chinese Vero Cell vaccine will receive it on September 22.


At each point visited, the vaccination sessions are led by health personnel from comprehensive diagnosis centers (CDI) or from the Asic of the sector, together with security personnel and workers from each market. As it happens in the municipal market La Hormiga, in the Cemetery.

In this area with long corridors, the days that began simultaneously with the other markets, it is expected to vaccinate about 1.726 people, including dealers and workers in zones A, B and C, said Dany Aranguren, director of the La Hormiga market.

He assured that only the first day 200 people were immunized in a day that developed with tranquility and an atmosphere of joy since the vaccinated feel protected when receiving their dose of Vero Cell.

Aranguren indicated that in those spaces where vaccination begins at 8:00 in the morning, the day will be extended until Monday, September 6 to attend to all workers and concessionaires. “They only have to bring their card and identification card to receive the vaccine. People aged 60 and over are treated with priority, ”he said. 

When entering the greater Car market, as usual, an agglomeration of people move through all areas. In the administrative building the vaccination day takes place for more than 13.000 people who work daily in what could be the largest majority market in the city.

The health process led by Dr. Sindy Dávila, and an entire medical, security and community team in the market, aims to reach the maximum number of daily vaccines that exceed 1.000 doses.

In the place, although very crowded, the process and assistance is carried out at a controlled pace with lines that are formed in the Ezequiel Zamora room and the dining rooms of the administrative headquarters. Once they go through disinfection and data collection plus a vaccination card, workers receive immunization with the Vero Cell anticovid, developed by the Chinese company Sinopharm.

“Here we organize ourselves and through WhatsApp messages we inform people, who attend their vaccination in an orderly fashion. On the first day 960 people were vaccinated and on the second they exceed 1.000, ”said Walter Rivera, director of the market.

He added that not only dealers and wholesale workers are served, but also those in the informal economy and the elderly who come to buy and come to the day to be vaccinated.

Extension of days

Franksin Peña, general manager of Integral de Mercados y Almacenes (Inmerca), reported that due to the large number of people who provide their services in each of the markets, the sessions will be extended to the following days to immunize all workers and dealers.

Similarly, he explained that the vaccination days will reach other markets in the capital progressively. “We are going to incorporate the markets of San Martín, Guaicaipuro, so that their workers are also vaccinated. In the case of the San José de Cotiza and Las Flores markets, as they are small, we are going to transfer them to the nearest market so that they can receive the dose there ”.

Mass immunization

The national Executive tripled the vaccination goal against covid-19 in order to reach the goal of immunizing 70% of the Venezuelan population before October, which is equivalent to 22 million people, the executive vice president reported in recent days, Delcy Rodríguez. In this sense, nine strategies were established that guarantee the population greater access to vaccines, as well as tripling the number of people immunized daily. One of the fundamental strategies of this new stage of mass vaccination are the days in municipal markets throughout the territory, to immunize all its workers.



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