Tourism companies bring full day plans again

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After the incorporation of the tourism sector to the 7 + 7 plus plan, recreational services have been activated in the national territory. One of the most demanded by local tourists are the so-called full days, which pose a challenge to guarantee the prevention of covid-19.

After eight months without working due to the pandemic through social networks, web portals and the WhatsApp messaging platform, the car companies reactivated the offers of the packages to spend a day at the beach or in the mountains, on Saturdays and Sundays from flexible week.

One of these companies is Higuerote Online, which manages more than 700 products in different destinations in the country, such as Los Roques and Margarita Archipelago. Miguel Ávalos, representative of the group, explained to Últimas Noticias. They organize complete packages that include: various types of transportation, lodging, meals, trips to the beaches and vary in prices priced in foreign currency.

Depending on the product, the transport can be by boat or by air, all subject to the biosecurity measures established by the national government and the different authorities, both at the departure and arrival airports, they also consider all the provisions of the Port Authority. Particularly in Los Roques they comply with the ordinances of the special administration of the island, regarding the number of passengers or tourists in boats and inns.

“At the moment Conviasa has commercial flights from Thursday to Sunday, so we are talking about prices between 200 and 250 dollars. The cheapest packages for couples are $ 340 with all services. In luxury inns, the price is about $ 500 per day, "he explained.

Ávalos added that other cheaper packages are: Chuspa, Cata and Ciénaga between 25 and $ 35. Towards the coasts of La Guaira state, a trip to La Cueva beach, for example, with a basic plan, costs $ 25 for an adult, only with dinner. A standard plan with two meals: $ 35 for adults and $ 32 for children ages 5-10. All include roundtrip ground transportation, ice supply, hydration, and passenger care.


It was in the middle of last October when the national government authorized the incorporation of sectors related to recreational activities such as restaurants, coffee shops that do not exceed 40% of their capacity. The beaches, hotels and cable cars are also approved.

In relation to this, several tourist entities are offering their services on social networks to attract new customers directly and expeditiously. Companies like Diamond Wolf limit the transfer of between 20 and 28 people per unit of transport, they refer in their profile on Instagram.

The company promotes itself by emphasizing a biosecurity protocol that requires users to carry gloves, face masks and antibacterial gel on their own as a condition for the trip. They have individual packages, for couples and groups of up to six people that range from $ 30 to $ 212.

The Amigos Tour tourism company indicates that they use a bus with a capacity for 32 people, of which they only transport 19. In addition, each user is required to fill out a covid-19 form after making the purchase. Likewise, for entry they are tested with an infrared thermometer "and you must use the antibacterial gel that we will have at the entrance," said an operator.

Self protection

The covid-19 containment protocol in Venezuela indicates that, among other things, prevention measures are: constant hand washing, maintaining a minimum distance of two meters from other people, covering your mouth and nose when coughing or sneeze.

In this regard, some service providers also consider prevention to be an individual task. On Facebook, there is a promotion in the Marketplace called Full Day Naiguatá that departs from the Agua Salud station of the Caracas Metro for a cost of $ 6 per person.

After consulting the operators, they report that “biosecurity is everyone's business, it is logical that everyone wears their mask, since many people go to the beach, we are exposed in any public place when we do not have the mask, and the bus It does not go full, it goes with the necessary number of people ”.


  • Schedule. According to government instructions, tourist services are authorized between 7:00 am and 3:00 pm on beaches and resorts, as well as clubs. The parks, on the other hand, should only operate from 2:00 to 6:00 pm and the cable cars from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
  • Protocol. When purchasing a full day service, it is essential to verify that they comply with the biosanitary standard, in addition to individual responsibility, dialogue and recommend actions to the service provider is a way to help and guarantee the well-being of all.
  • Recommendations. Wear antibacterial, wear face masks, assess the influx of people at the terminals and avoid approaching.