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They recognize the recovery work of the UCV

The Organization of Ibero-American States visited spaces

The director of Culture, Education and Technology of the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI), Natalia Armijos, congratulated the national government and the Presidential Commission for the Recovery of the Central University of Venezuela for what she described as an incredible job in the spaces of the institution.

"They have done an incredible job in these ten months of having recovered a heritage that belongs to everyone," Armijos praised during a visit to the UCV facilities in Caracas. In that sense, he expressed his joy at knowing the alma mater that is a reference for Latin America and the world. “What a joy that the university has recovered in its outward form,” he said.

He expressed the importance of monitoring teaching and research projects in the classrooms of the house of studies. "It will be very pleasing that the Organization of Ibero-American States supports these lines of work that are promoted from the university," he explained.

The visit was accompanied by the president of the Venezuela Bella Mission, Jacqueline Faría, who thanked Armijo for his arrival to "recognize in the structures of the university that heritage of humanity", declared in 2001 by the United Nations Organization for the Education, Science and Culture.

He highlighted the commitment of the Presidential Commission in the protection and preservation of the surroundings so that the whole world can visit and rejoice with it.


  1. Excellent work by the Maduro government to restore and restore the conditions of this world heritage site!!

  2. I just want to demand from the presidential commission a stretcher for the neurosurgery area , the nursing area and provide the nurses with equipment to measure , temperature , oxygen ( oximeters ) blood pressure , oxygen equipment is lacking for the transfer of people who They require tests in other areas, and bathrooms for neurosurgery patients, since patients with cancer or tumors have low defenses and need to take care of them against diseases that are found in bathrooms, many people have died from contamination with pneumonia, and other diseases.

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