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They issue the first electronic certificates for Communal Councils

The process was achieved through the new automated system for registration for the People's Power

The new automated system for registering and updating communal councils successfully issued the first certificates electronic, informed this Thursday the Minister for Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza.

Through a post published on Twitter, he stated that this system allows certificates and records to be processed “without bureaucracy, without queuing, without charges. Here some examples. Overcome!". 

"We did it! The new automated registration system for updating the spokespersons of our communal councils has issued without problems”, refers the minister's message. 

On June 1, the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, announced the beginning of the registration and inscription of the communal councils through the internet.

The National President said that the process will now be automated and direct without intermediaries, AVN reports.

As the head of state said on that occasion, a revolutionary government must “attend to and resolve matters for living. Build people's living by living. The welfare state of the XNUMXst century. We, public servants, serve our beloved people, in a process in which the people begin to recover.

Arreaza indicated that from that moment they can be registered on the page www.mincomunas.gob.ve. By this means, the organizations will be able to upload the minutes of the assembly, the voting results and the names of the spokespersons.

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