They fear the spread of the Ómicron in the country

The Agency took stock of the behavior of the virus in the region.

The Pan American Health Organization warned that the omicron could become the dominant variant in the country if the population does not comply with the necessary care to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

"It is estimated that this variant will gradually reach other parts of the Venezuelan territory, as is the case in most countries, and that it will progressively be the predominant variant," said the director of the PAHO Department of Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Reduction, Ciro Ugarte.

During the weekly press conference held by the agency, he pointed out that to the extent that citizens take the necessary precautions to reduce the risks of transmission of covid-19, the impact that the new strain may have, which is also characterized by its high level of transmission.

He commented that many countries on the continent have reported an increase in cases of covid-19 and Venezuela is in that group with a report of 89% increase in case records.

"If we make the comparison with other variants, we could say that there was a significant increase that could be due to omicron, but that has yet to be confirmed," he said.

He stressed that no matter what variant is circulating, citizens must be guarantors of the measures because it is a public health issue. "Precautions to reduce the risk of person-to-person transmission will also reduce the likelihood that omicron, which is a highly transmissible variant, will have a greater short-term impact on health services and the population," he said.

He emphasized that the health systems and medical centers in the country are not saturated and that they can continue to care for infected patients, but insisted that an increase in cases must be avoided.

“This does not mean that health services are overloaded, but protection measures will make a difference. In such a way that we must emphasize this process both for Venezuela and for other countries in the region”, he stressed.



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