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The UCV School of Social Communication will discuss Artificial Intelligence

Teachers and students will hold the Colloquium called “Social Communication and Artificial Intelligence: True Lies?”

The community of teachers and students of the School of Social Communication of the Central University of Venezuela, UCV, decided to compile reflections and experiences of their own and those of others to integrate, in an organic and transversal way, the contributions of Artificial Intelligence, AI, to the academy , research and work field.

To achieve this goal, in the first instance they will hold a Colloquium called “Social Communication and Artificial Intelligence: True Lies?”, which will take place on June 13 and 14, in Classroom C5 of the Genesis School of Studies. journalism university created in Venezuela.

The Colloquium aims to “Explore content, use and purposes of AI in the field of Social Communication, with special attention to academia and the practice of journalism through the web and social networks.”

The upcoming exchange of ideas arises because the widespread and massive use of AI raises and is raising serious concerns among social communicators, academics and specialists about the implications of the new technology: many wonder if it will be able to replace journalistic activity.

Concern grows every time the American bank Goldman Sachs warns that AI could automate 300 million full-time jobs in the world, an advance so dizzying that it requires the academic and research body of the UCV to build theories that help to understand extract the best from this innovative technology.

“At its lowest level, AI questions us about what is happening and will happen with current study programs, since its interference covers all aspects of humanity's work. In front of her the questions spring up, crushing and creating more questions with each answer. AI has demonstrated the use of automatic learning models that generate texts and create content,” states the project for the Colloquium.

Added to this is the no less important concern that its conception, technological innovation, application and massive use make the ethical principles that regulate the profession vulnerable: plagiarism and the construction of lies abound.

The agenda of the Colloquium also foresees the discussion of the impact of AI in the workplace of social communication professionals and the investigation into whether the students of the UCV School of Social Communication receive theoretical foundations and tools to practice their profession in AI environments.

Towards the internal scope of the academy, the Colloquium will examine how to train future professionals in AI environments within the School of Social Communication of the UCV.

In the ethical dimension, the construction of cognitive biases in AI will be scrutinized, as well as plagiarism and whether or not its regulation is necessary.

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