The Health Traffic Light will govern access to restaurants and hotels

On November 1, the health traffic light mechanism will come into effect in the country to control covid-19, as well as to reactivate the national economy and return to safe normality, as announced in recent days by the president of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro.

This method used in various parts of the world, including countries such as Mexico, will allow access to some public places and does not rule out biosecurity measures as essential protection against the virus that has affected more than 241 million people in the world to date. . 

In the country, an extended relaxation of the radical quarantine is expected in November and December, so the traffic light will be activated initially in restaurants and hotels. 

The access traffic light will be activated by the businesses through the veQR code application installed on a smartphone with an android system, in which a QR code will be scanned or the identity card number will be registered, and then the platform will indicate the health status with respect to the virus, of the client who is about to enter the premises. 


The executive vice president of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez, explained that after the initial identity identification steps, the technological platform that will be linked to the Patria system and works connected to the internet, will inform with the green light if the person is vaccinated. 

Likewise, the yellow light will group those who do not appear in the vaccine database but do not present a positive test for covid-19 in the last 21 days, demonstrating that they are healthy. If the user is not registered in the Patria system, but if he is vaccinated, he will be able to access the place by presenting the vaccination card. 

Meanwhile, the red light will detect those who have not been vaccinated and have a positive PCR test for the virus in the previous 21 days. 

With this last warning sign, the person in charge of registering the entry into each restaurant will have the duty to deny entry to the customer, as he is considered an individual at high risk of contagion for the environment. 

Authorization to businesses

In order to access the tab called Access Traffic Light in the veQR application, locals must be affiliated with the National Chamber of Restaurants (Canares) and have the permission to use the sanitary mechanism. 

To complete the steps, Canares must submit the list of affiliates to the Ministry of Commerce to be able to use the application, indicating the name of the restaurant, cafes or similar, address and RIF, name of the person in charge who will act as representative and identity card number.

The establishments that are not associated can make the request by filling out a form provided in the portal

Restaurants are prepared. In the capital city, restaurants have begun registration work in the veQR application to activate the traffic light in their establishments. Places such as El Tinajero Restaurant, located on Rio De Janeiro Avenue, in Las Mercedes, already have the telephone equipment but claim that they are waiting for guidelines from Canares and the Ministry to be able to access the platform. 

"They ask us for a code to enter the veQR but we still do not have it and we are waiting for the indications of the Chamber and the Ministry of Commerce, since we are ready to implement the traffic light," said Graciela Pereira, administrator of El Tinajero. 

Restaurants such as Fetuccine in Los Dos Caminos, Arturos and Barrakuda Sushi de La Floresta in Altamira assure that they are prepared with telephones but have not yet been able to access the application to register their premises. 

For her part, Vice President Rodríguez specified last Sunday that 166 representatives from various commercial sectors had been authorized up to that day, mainly from restaurants. Likewise, he informed that 133 porters have been enabled to be located at the doors of each restaurant to develop the traffic light pilot plan.

He added that later the traffic light will also be applied in sectors where people accumulate, such as universities and public establishments.  

Balance of the pilot plan

Rodríguez offered a first assessment of the traffic light pilot plan and explained that 2% of people who attended the restaurants were detected positive for covid-19; and another 55% showed that they were already vaccinated. 

He added that the access traffic light is connected to each of the laboratories authorized by the Rafael Rangel National Institute of Hygiene, which apply the PCR molecular test. l



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