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The haze takes the air of Greater Caracas

With little visibility and a white air the spaces of the capital city have been found for a few days, being observed especially in the Waraira Repano, where the mountains of the lung of Caracas they have become opaque.

This is the haze o haze which is the suspension of very small solid particles in the atmosphere that are not seen with the naked eye and give the air an opaque tone, explained the Deputy Minister for Risk Management and Civil Protection, Randy rodriguez. He added that this is a type of lithometeorite, a meteorological phenomenon related to sand, dust and other air pollutants.

In interview with Últimas Noticias assured that the haze increases in Venezuela during the dry period, especially between the months of February y may, when surface temperatures rise and pollution from primary agents (sand, dust, factory smoke) are concentrated in the first layers of the atmosphere, about a kilometer high.

“This year 2019 has intensified more and more as a result of the complement of numerous forest fires and some other things, "he said.

There are two types of haze, type A that is formed as a result of dust, salts or elements present in the environment, and type B that occurs when there are special events such as pollution episodes or forest fires. 
Rodríguez pointed out that this situation in the environment reduces the visibility of people, it can also cause respiratory problems and irritation in the mucous membranes.

In the case of Caracas, he commented that the geography of the city's valley is conducive to the haze is more noticeable because the mountain does not allow the mobility of the density wind, so the presence of the phenomenon is more noticeable than in other areas of the territory.

Weak child. The Vice Minister for Risk Management specified that currently there is a weak Niño in the country, which ranges between 0,5 and one degree of Atlantic Ocean temperature.

He explained that this generates a rainfall deficit, especially in the extreme southeast of the country: Bolívar and Delta Amacuro.

The lack of rain produces conditions for forest fires. The areas with the greatest weakness are: Guárico, Anzoátegui, Apure, Barinas Miranda, Sucre, Portuguesa, Monagas, Aragua, Capital District, Cojedes, Delta Amacuro and Bolívar.

Rodríguez called on the population to avoid forest fires. He recommended not leaving glass objects, cigarette butts or plastic.

He announced that it is estimated that the first rainfall in the country will begin to fall in June

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