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Special subcommittee will review excesses in university tuition

The Permanent Commission on Education, Health, Science, Technology and Innovation of the National Assembly appointed a Special Subcommittee that will review the excesses in the increase of university enrollments in the country.

According to a press release published on the website of the National Assembly, the aforementioned Subcommittee is chaired by Deputy Yahir Muñoz and will be made up of parliamentarians Azucena Jaspe, José Villarroel, Jesús Santander, Ignacio Da Costa, Oliver Ponce and Leonardo Montezuma .

In this sense, the deputy Ricardo Sánchez, president of the parliamentary instance, after the complaints of a student representation of the José Antonio Páez University of the Carabobo state that exposed the irregular situation in the services and the collection of tuition of that house of studies.

The young people explained that in July the university increased the semester from $ 550 to $ 760 without consulting the student community and without taking into account the Covid-19 pandemic and the little use of the facilities due to distance classes.

They reported that the study house has a biosecurity fee of $ 40 and the student who does not cancel it is denied the possibility of entering the clinics affiliated with the institution.

They denounced the university manages an exchange control rate higher than that of the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV), even higher than those managed on social networks. "That rate today is 4 bolivars for every dollar, which makes students pay extra sums of money," they indicated.

Deputy Sánchez requested to direct official letters to the Ombudsman's Office, the National Superintendency for the Defense of Socioeconomic Rights of Venezuela (Sundde), the Ministry of University Education, and all institutions related to the matter, to establish immediate corrections against to the damages against the student body of the José Antonio Páez University and, from there, to convene a permanent working group to stabilize the situation of arbitrariness that is being committed in the private university sector, he said.

In this regard, the Vice President of the University Education Subcommittee and member of the Special Subcommittee, Deputy Jesús Santander, indicated that everything within reach will be done to guarantee the right to education, and prevent abuses and discrimination against Any student. "We will be accompanying Minister Cesar Trómpiz, the Sundde authorities and the Ombudsman's Office to achieve justice together," said the parliamentarian.