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South of the Lake: Social attention received affected by rains

In Colón, Sucre, Catatumbo and Francisco Javier Pulgar del Sur del Lago received workshops on health, medical care and infrastructure

They began a comprehensive approach in the municipalities of Colón, Sucre, Catatumbo and Francisco Javier Pulgar in the South of the Lake, a sub-region strongly affected by the rains.

The Minister of Internal Affairs and Sector Vice President for Citizen Security, A/J Remigio Ceballos Ichaso, reported a wide deployment in the area that has several basins.

In the Zulia, Catatumbo and Escalante rivers, the work that they estimate will last a period of 5 months will begin next June.

"According to the studies and evaluations, we have to do the work where the technology tells us and we are using the most advanced," Ceballos said.

He explained that the Chama and Tucaní tributaries have a different pluviometric process.

«Right in these rivers, the rainy season begins and we must think about climate changes. We must carry out scientific studies to address, intervene, create strategies to protect the population,” Ceballos said. 

He added that the situation in the South of the Lake is a priority since the area "is the breadbasket of Venezuela and can become that of South America and the world." 

The territorial vice president of the PSUV in Zulia, Jaqueline Faría, indicated that they will review the structural problems.

“We are in a new era of transition to socialism. The Bolivarian mayors of other municipalities as an act of solidarity have come to bring love to the affected families.

Bolivarian mayors deployed

Among the 6 Bolivarian mayors of the Guajira municipalities, Jesús María Semprún, Miranda, Lossada, Padilla and Mara delivered more than 25 tons of food to the families of the Sucre municipality, reported Luis Caldera, mayor of the Mara municipality.

The authorities will be deployed by the 16 shelters activated and enabled in the municipalities of the South of the Lake.

"In an act of love, of humanism for the brothers who need us most at this time," said Caldera.

In addition to food, the collaborations include necessary items for the affected families.

“In the name of all Mirandinos, we come to bring blessings to this community, which was affected by the flooding of the Aguas Calientes River (…) we are here to support them with food, medicine, clothing, mattresses and wheelchairs for these brothers who are going through a difficult situation due to the ravages of the river, ”said the mayor of the Miranda municipality, Jorge Nava.

"We are dedicated to helping these brothers," added the mayor of Lossada, Danilo Añez.

Deployment of the Ministry of Health in the South of the Lake 

The regional directorate of the Ministry of Health in the state of Zulia provided drugs and medical-surgical supplies to the three health points activated in the South of Lago.

The inhabitants of the subregion were treated with medical and vaccination days.

Medicines, food supplies, mattresses, blankets and other items were delivered to the San Antonio and San José sectors in the Heres parish and Puerto Dificultad in the Gibraltar parish of the Sucre municipality, reported José Miguel Medina, the sole health authority in the Zulia.

Elsa Manzanilla, coordinator of Barrio Adentro, added that in addition to health care, the deployment included the reopening and equipping of the El Chivo community pharmacies in the Francisco Javier Pulgar municipality; and in San Carlos and Santa Bárbara in Colón.

The delivery added more than 100.000 units of drugs and, additionally, they supplied equipment for Otorhinolaryngology, oxygen regulator, blood pressure monitor, stethoscope, nebulizer and masks for the Comprehensive Community Health Area (Asic) of San Carlos in Colón.

“The days of medical care and vaccination are maintained throughout the South Lake area whose inhabitants are having a hard time due to the floods caused by the rains,” said Manzanilla.

Keder Fuentes, community spokesperson for Santa Bárbara in the Colón municipality, highlighted the response given to the population with the delivery of medicines and supplies necessary to care for those affected in this contingency.

“There are 93 sectors served in Colón, in addition to other sectors of the South of the Lake. All those affected are taken care of », he stated.

Darwin López expressed that the presence of popular power guarantees the fair distribution of medicines to the population. "We know the territory, each street and family and we stand up for each community."

Venezuela Bella rehabilitates 30 schools

A total of 30 schools in the South of the Lake will be rehabilitated by the Venezuela Bella Mission after being affected by the rains in the area, informed the president of the Mission, Jaqueline Faría.

Faría inspected the rehabilitation work at the Almirante José Padilla Elementary School in the Colón municipality. 

During the visit, uniforms, shoes and school supplies were given to the students "so that their education and training do not stop due to the climate emergency"

“Schools are that center where the new man and the new woman are born, who will transform reality for the better. That there is no school dropout, “emphasized Faría.

Additionally, implements, utensils, materials and food were provided for the School Feeding Program.

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