Sewing shoes boosts sport

José Seijas repairs shoes for the young people of the Coche neighborhoods

José Gregorio Seijas is a 32-year-old from Caracas, a resident of the El Estanque neighborhood, Coche parish of the Libertador municipality, who, through his shoe repair business, is dedicated to promoting sports among the youth of his community.

He remembers that in difficult times he dedicated himself to stash the merchandise of the informal workers who worked on the main avenue: “there I met a shoemaker who taught me the trade of sewing shoes, an activity to which I currently dedicate myself, with special interest in the repair of sports shoes with a technique of placing new soles using recycled rubbers, to extend their useful life ”, he explained.

He indicated that when he started his business he worked under an umbrella, then he managed to raise money and bought a kiosk at the entrance of the neighborhood, which he prepared to set up his workshop, where there is machinery, various implements and where he has space to place his raw material , old tires.

“I was born and raised in a neighborhood of Carapita, in Antímano, there we lost our house because of the rains, the Government benefited us with an apartment in the Baruta municipality, then I met Jenny Castillo, my wife, a community leader from the El neighborhood. Pond and president of the Hip Hop Dance Foundation, through which social work is carried out with young people at risk, who now support being an inhabitant of this sector, ”said Seijas.

He asserted that many young people in the community practice basketball, soccer, volleyball, among other disciplines, and require suitable shoes to perform sports activities. “Due to constant use, sports shoes wear out the sole and cannot be used by young people to avoid injuries, in my workshop we put a rubber sole, which has good cushioning, and also extends the useful life of the shoe between one and two years ”, he commented.

This entrepreneur participates in days of social care in popular sectors where, completely free, he sews shoes for low-income athletes "we have also rescued old shoes that we repair and then we also carry out social work with grandparents," he added.

In addition, he decided to start a training workshop so that other young people can learn about the activity and have the opportunity to set up their own production units, under the same philosophy of helping the most needy athletes.



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