They rehabilitate spaces of the BusCaracas surface transport system

The Ministry of Popular Power for Transportation carried out rehabilitation, cleaning and beautification of the stations of the BusCaracas surface transportation system, to improve the service they provide from Av. Nueva Granada until the end of av. Armed forces.

The director general of the MPPPT, Franklin García, asserted that these recovery and conditioning actions are carried out “thanks to the joint work between the organized People's Power, as well as the different bodies of the Bolivarian Government, especially Minister Hipólito Abreu, on the instructions of our worker president Nicolás Maduro Moros ”.

The maintenance and rehabilitation works that include changes in the laminate of the doors, painting, lighting and wiring were carried out in the 11 stations of this surface transport system (Las Flores, Panteón, Socorro, La Hoyada, El Cristo, Roca Tarpeya, President Medina, INCES, Roosevelt, La Bandera and Los Ilustres), after being vandalized by the extremist right wing.

Users even recognized that the stations are more illuminated, painted and with a better façade, as stated by an inhabitant of the El Cementerio sector, Santa Rosalía parish, Armando Muñoz, a worker at the National Observatory of Science and Technology (ONCTI), in downtown Caracas, who was surprised by the majesty that can now be seen on Avenida Nva. Grenade. “It is impressive, it is illuminated, everything painted. The teams do not rest even on Sundays. She really is beautiful. I congratulate the team that works tirelessly to make our Caracas beautiful ”, emphasized the passerby. 

On the other hand, user Franklin Villalobos said that through the Caracas Patriota Plan and with the support of the organized community, they carry out this process of remodeling the BusCaracas stations, which include improvements in roads and lighting.



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