Psuv recognizes the work of doctors and officials

The vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela for the La Guaira and the Capital District Pedro Infante regions led an act of recognition to the doctors and brigade members who have remained in the fight against the pandemic.

From the Bolivarian National Educational Unit of the Republic of Bolivia, located in La Pastora, the political leader emphasized that the effort and dedication of all those who have fought tirelessly to protect the Venezuelan people from the covid-19 virus is valued, both in terms of prevention, as well as ensuring compliance with the guidelines and the plan designed by the Presidential Commission for the Control and Prevention of the virus.

He made a special mention of the youth and their participation in the brigades, also highlighted the work of the communal councils, the Bolivarian National Police, the Bolivarian Militia, the Bolivarian National Armed Forces and the Venezuelan community doctors, as well as the Cuban doctors who joined this fight through the alliance between both nations.

"I extend our recognition on behalf of the entire Venezuelan people to all the thousands of men and women who make possible the care and prevention of all Venezuela and make the life and health of our people triumph more and more," he highlighted.

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