They prioritize spaces to celebrate Christmas

Mayor Érika Farías inaugurated a little market in the Plaza El Venezolano

The Mayor's Office of the Libertador municipality, through the Foundation for Culture and the Arts of Caracas (Fundarte), prioritizes community spaces and various areas of the capital to celebrate Christmas, reported the general secretary of the institution, Elitany Raga. 

He explained, in an interview for Últimas Noticias, which will carry out an agenda with gastronomic and craft fairs, presentation of artists, Christmas parties, cultural exchanges, among other activities, in squares and parks of the city. “Some squares are already decorated and we are publishing in our grid a schedule for the weekends on the days of easing the quarantine. The idea is to position in each of these spaces a program that allows the people to come closer and enjoy themselves ”, he specified. 

He explained that in Plaza Venezuela and Los Caobos Park they will hold a Christmas market with the intention that "the people can enjoy themselves in a healthy way and with due physical distancing," he said. 

In this regard, he indicated that the November programming is adapted to the biosecurity measures due to the virus. “There is a disinfection day in the bio-healthy parks every half hour. Mandatory use of a mask and hand washing. We have public toilets with water so that people are constantly washing their hands, "he said. 

He added that they seek to maintain the community focus to avoid mobilization by transferring culture and recreation to each of the sectors of the "flat, popular and neighborhood Caracas."

Agenda On November 20, they will activate the cultural route in Plaza Sucre and the boulevard of Catia, Sucre parish; on December 4 in Sabana Grande and Parque Carabobo. In addition, they will be developing activities in the San Juan parish, Plaza O'leary and other points of the capital. 

On the other hand, Raga pointed out that they seek to retake the Caracas Free Wheel days to ride a bicycle with Christmas music. Also with sporting events and dance therapies in the Los Symbols, Sucre de Los Caobos and Hugo Chávez parks. 

He commented that for the end of the season they estimate to hold the Las Carruchas Fair that will be held in two large avenues of the city, and that they will announce soon.

In addition, they have organized 119 territorial axes, 36 comprehensive diagnosis centers and more than 50 mission bases in the capital, which will participate in a nativity scene contest, events with the National Movement of Recreators and Recreators, as well as Christmas parties. 

Starting next November 13, they will be holding streaming sessions on the Caracas Te Invita platform, to screen micro-documentaries. There will be more than 15 audiovisual works.

Little market   

During the weekend of relaxation, the Mayor of Caracas inaugurated the Christmas market in the Plaza El Venezolano, located in the historic center of the city. "As our president Nicolás Maduro has asked us, today we are celebrating the economic activation for artisans and cultivators of Caracas, these people are entrepreneurs who are an important part of the cultural economy of the city," said Mayor Érika Farías during her visit to the place . 

He explained that the spaces of Plaza Venezuela, the artisans' corridor and Los Caobos park were also enabled to carry out this activity that will be repeated during the weeks of easing of the quarantine by covid-19.