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Quadrants of Peace are strengthened with the help of organized people

Citizen Security policies are built together with the organized people

Strengthening the Great Mission Quadrants of Peace As a national citizen security policy, it is built together with the organized people, the Minister for Internal Relations, Justice and Peace, Remigio Ceballos, highlighted this Thursday.

Through his account on the social network Twitter, Ceballos indicated that with the help of the people, "vulnerabilities, risks and threats are overcome, guaranteeing the full enjoyment of the rights of all (das) for life and peace."

The Minister of the Interior, Justice and Peace published a video in which police officials express the meaning of the Quadrants of Peace and what this State policy represents for the country.

"The Great Peace Quadrants Mission is the State's security policy", "We are a guarantee of peace", "We are builders of peace", "Venezuela is a State of Law and social justice", "Venezuela is a lover of peace and guarantor of peace”, “Venezuela advances in police-military civic union”, “A State that favors dialogue and Peace Diplomacy”, “We are builders of peace”, “Together for life and peace”, are some of the expressions of police officers.

Quadrants of Peace

The Quadrants of Peace have made it possible to implement public policies that allow citizen prevention in terms of security.

At the beginning of this month, the members of the National Assembly's (AN) Permanent Commission on Internal Affairs debated, together with Minister Ceballos, the Peace Quadrants Law, which aims to "establish the organization, direction, operation, consolidation and expansion of the Peace Quadrants in each political-territorial area", refers to a note from parliament.

In addition, it has the purpose of "strengthening the capacity of the State for the protection of people, in co-responsibility between the organized Popular Power, the prevention bodies and entities and the citizen security and support bodies, to preserve peace and tranquility public, increase solidarity coexistence, guarantee human rights and the enjoyment of the people in the free and safe exercise of their activities”.

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