Sistema Patria began this Friday delivery of the Padre Bolívar Bond

This Friday, July 23, the Patria platform began the delivery of the Padre Bolívar 2021 Bond, as instructed by the President of the Republic Nicolás Maduro Moros, whose allocation will be made until July 30 of this year.

As has been announced, the signing of this new Bonus will be made directly and gradually, through a notification message that will be sent, through the number 3532 and through the VeMonedero application.

The notification will be accompanied by a text message saying: «This is your Father Bolívar Homeland, the one that is standing today and in Peace, the one that fights every day and forges its destiny of greatness«.

Upon receiving the message, users must access the Patria system with their ID and password, to later select the option "Social Protection" to accept the voucher. Then, enter the wallet to transfer funds or to use it in other alternatives such as saving in gold or in Petros.



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