New batch of 50 thousand doses of Sputnik-V vaccine arrived from Russia

This Thursday, at 4:30 a.m., a new batch of 50 thousand doses of the Sputnik-V vaccine and one million of the Russian antiviral Favipiravir arrived in the country, thanks to the strategic alliance between Russia and Venezuela, in order to continue with the immunization day in the fight against the pandemic.

From the Maiquetía International Airport, the Minister of Popular Power for Health, Carlos Alvarado said that this shipment will allow the second dose to be supplemented for health personnel and to continue with the vaccination of older adults.

«This extraordinary vaccine produced by the Gamaleya Center of Russia is 92% effective, one of the three most effective vaccines in the world. Already in Venezuela we have placed more than 200 thousand doses of this vaccine, with an extraordinary acceptance by the community, We have not had important adverse events to the vaccine and this has come to complete the immunization of health workers, who are Those who are on the front line are fighting against Covid-19 and to continue vaccinating older adults, who are the most vulnerable and most prone to complications when Covid-19 strikes them and most often die "- said Alvarado

He added that part of these vaccines will be used for service personnel who attend to everything that has to do with the care of people with covid, such as "firefighters, Civil Protection, people who bring oxygen to hospitals, that is, They are not part of the health personnel, but they are also exposed to the virus.

Next, Minister Carlos Alvarado said that he also received one million Favipiravir tablets, which will be applied to 25 thousand moderate and mild patients. «This is an antiviral that, after research carried out by Russia and China, was shown to be effective in preventing the replication of the virus in the body, and the Venezuelan Therapeutic Committee included it in the protocol, having extraordinary acceptance. Good news for Venezuela on the arrival of this plane with new supplies for the treatment of covid-19 ».

Alvarado indicated that the antivirals will be distributed immediately throughout the national territory for the care of patients with covid-19, following instructions from the President of the Republic Nicolás Maduro and the Executive Vice President Delcy Rodríguez. “We estimate that the shipment of the Russian antiviral Favipiravir should be leaving on Friday to be distributed throughout the country. Despite the blockade, unilateral coercive measures; Venezuela continues to make efforts to obtain vaccines to guarantee the attention of all the people.

Finally, Alvarado said that the goal is to immunize 70% of the population. “We already have a batch of Russian vaccines, we already have Chinese vaccines; We signed and paid the Fonco Covax for the acquisition of a little more than 11 million vaccines that should arrive between July and August. Venezuela already has access to Covax. We have also looked for other alternatives and recently we signed with our sister Republic of Cuba the acquisition, the realization of a phase 3 study of the Russian abdala vaccine and also the possibility of producing this vaccine in the country ».



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