Nevado Mission started the second day of national registration of volunteers

Volunteers have given street animals a second chance. Photo: @SomosNevado

This Tuesday began the second day of national registration of volunteers from the Nevado Mission in the Comprehensive Veterinary Center of Nuevo Circo as part of the celebration of the 7 years of its creation. At the same time,

Maigualida Vargas, president of the Nevado Mission, reported that next Sunday from Plaza La Candelaria, a special day will be held on the anniversary of the institution where a registration drive will be held to recruit new volunteers. The day will also be conducive to providing veterinary medical care to the pets of the attendees.

“We are counting on you in this new stage. We are going to consolidate animal protection in Venezuela, you are an important part in this process, ”Vargas said.

Registration is online and users can access through the following link and fill the requirements requested to be part of the snowy volunteering.

In seven years, the Nevado Mission has carried out 34.908 days of comprehensive veterinary care nationwide, giving priority to street and community animals with the support of the communities organized through Nevado Comunal, and they have also given responsible adoption to 26.386 pets, thanks to the rescue, recovery and adoption program, according to the data in their official account.

This program was activated on December 30, 2013 when it was published in the Official Gazette as a collective, revolutionary, ecosocialist and animalist project for the rescue and protection of canine and feline fauna on the streets and it was on January 12, 2014 when the President Nicolás Maduro in a conference held in Los Caobos Park made the program official and gave it the rank of National Mission.

President Nicolás Maduro, through his Twitter account, recalled the creation of this mission and sent a message of congratulations to all the protectors and fighters who work in defense of the animals every day.

As part of the celebration of the anniversary of the Nevado Mission throughout the national territory, veterinary care workshops were held simultaneously in more than 12 states of the country.

Likewise, a day of comprehensive veterinary care is planned for this Wednesday, January 13, in the state of Táchira, Libertad municipality, Capacho Viejo, Cedralito sector.