Neighbors rehabilitate stairs in El Valle

The community presented the project to the authorities.

Through a project planned by the same community, and approved by the Federal Government Council (CFG), the Venezuela Bella Mission allocated 1.400 billion bolivars for the rehabilitation of stairs and walkways in the 24 de Julio sector of the El Valle parish, in the Caracas region, a work that already has more than 50% completion.

It is the community itself, through the communal council, that introduced the draft in System Five of the CFG, and is now re-assembling the staircase of the Margarita alley that it gave way four years ago, approximately, due to leakage and deterioration problems.

The advance that the work has so far corresponds to the first stage, with the disbursement of 70% of the advance, about 1.050 million bolivars, said Harold Lugo, finance spokesman for the communal council belonging to the Commune 5 de Marzo.

There are more than 10 meters of stairs and almost four tons of concrete that will benefit more than 306 families, around 800 people from that territorial environment. The second stage will be disbursed in the next few days to complete the work. Lugo indicated that they expect to finish by the end of this month of April.

Neighborhood labor. The workers are inhabitants of the same community, who receive logistical support from the neighbors themselves, he said. Containment and filling works are carried out on the structure of the staircase, as well as beautification.

“We held meetings, with organization and planning with the neighbors. An agreement was reached that the bricklayer Alcides Gil would be in charge of the work, and we created commissions for the staging, protection of the material, one for the comptroller's office and another for logistics that is in charge of food and refreshments for 20 workers, ”he said.

Likewise, the spokesperson commented that this example of organization and self-management has been carried out permanently.



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