Neighbors in El Paraíso complain about insecurity

The residents of the Parque Paraíso residences, located at the end of El Ejército Street, in the El Paraíso parish of the Libertador municipality, request improvements in the security service and police patrol, due to the fact that a wave of robberies has been unleashed in the area at gunpoint.

Flor Pérez, a neighbor of the sector, pointed out that in the entrance of the residences a criminal gang has been dedicated in recent days to theft. Ladies alone are the preferred victims of thieves.

“In just one day we have added up to four attacks on single women who come walking along the Ayacucho bridge and when they go down the stairs that lead to the entrance of the residences they are attacked by individuals who threaten them with their weapons, beat them and subdue them to take away all his belongings ”, he detailed.

They ensure that this wave of robberies is observed at all hours of the day and night. "The people who have been robbed indicate that after committing their misdeed the criminals jump onto the highway, cross the road and run along the banks of the Guaire River, where groups of people are continuously observed in a street situation," said another neighbor.

Those affected indicated that the theft of vehicles that are parked outside the residences has also increased, from which batteries, tires, wheels, among other items, have been taken.

Faced with this situation, the residents request the authorities of the police and the National Guard to reinforce the patrol work both in the streets of El Paraíso, as well as in the vicinity of the Guaire River, which border the highway. They also request a checkpoint be placed.

In Santa Rosalía they request improvements to the urban toilet

The residents of the El Cementerio sector, in the Santa Rosalía parish, ask the Supracaracas authorities to improve the urban cleaning service, as they assure that there is a lot of garbage strewn on the streets.

They point out that the situation becomes very difficult in the week of easing when more merchants are authorized to open their businesses, which leads to an increase in the generation of garbage.

The complainants also indicate that in addition to improving the urban cleaning service, collecting the piles of garbage, it is also necessary to carry out a fumigation and disinfection operation in public spaces, especially in the area of ​​César Rengifo Boulevard.



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