Let's go back to the field | Natural food

The natural diet increases the quality of life of the human being, in addition to delaying the deterioration of our body due to aging, that is why we must prevent the appearance of a series of diseases such as: diabetes, osteoporosis, even cataracts or rheumatic problems. It is necessary to say that food serves to mitigate them, even cure them, since food is a medicine that serves for that and much more. The vegetables that we consume daily can serve as natural medicines in various cases, and in the Let's Go Back to the Field column, we bring you some home remedies that can be prepared with them. Liver diseases: carrot, tomato, squash, beet, spinach and cabbage juices are excellent for treating these types of affectations. Asthma: carrot, spinach and raw garlic juices. Anemia: can be fought with beet, orange and carrot juices (the popular three in one). Gastritis: milk juice as well as carrot juice is special to combat this disease. Low defenses: water tomato juices are recommended as well as pomalacas. It is not necessary to consume excessively expensive food to take care of our health, we only have to know the benefits of those that we have within reach of our hands and pockets.



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